Josephines Bath




Departure from Le François

Loup-garou, ilet Chancel,

ilet Madame and the famous "Baignoire de Joséphine"

(Josephines Bath)



Meeting at the marina of Le François at 9 a.m
Your catamaran awaits you at the end of the pier
Your crew welcomes you on board with a cool fresh juice cocktail to quench your thirst.

Departure from the marina of Le François at 9:30 :

We sail as far as the coral reef and the  îlet Loup-garou,
a little pink sanded island born from the coral reef and also a nature reserve for turtles.
Sailing on in to the baie of robert as far as the îlet Chancel.
Once onshore we walk among iguanas,
explore the historic ruins and take in the breathtaking flora,
all narrated by one of our skippers.
There is always time for a refreshing swim before setting down and relaxing with an aperitif
served on board (acras wich is a local speciality, Clement rum as well as soft drinks)


We drop anchor over 'les fonds blancs' (shallow crystal waters over a white seabed) of the îlet Madame, 
a lagoon of crystal waters and white sand, diving mask and snorkels are provided
Lunch is served on board between refreshing dips, although the sound of the skipper blowing in to the conk shell brings you back to reality
The tables are laid, ready for you to enjoy a welcome lunch


We sail between the coral reefs up to the Baignoire de Joséphine,
josephines bath situated between ilet Oscar and ilet Thierry, these crystal clear waters are unique.
After a little cake, the day comes to a close and your crew accompagny you back to port

Return to the marina / Fishing port at le François for 5 p.m